Meeting Minutes - March 2015

Meeting March 12, 2015

Board Members Present: Jim Blankenship, Jim Coyle, Matt Waddington

Meeting Called to Order 8:47

Treasurers Report : Balance 92056.30

Minutes from last month- Accepted as Written

House Report: Registration is open,  already have 78 kids registered.  Let’s hope spring is coming.  We are always looking for house coaches.  Let us know if anyone is interested. 


Matt: Trainers for house last year was always a problem, this year we have decided to partner with GPS.  Although it’s a few more dollars than we paid last year,  we are guaranteed to have 3 trainers every night.  They are also giving all coaches (travel and house) a plan book.  The board felt this was a good partnership.  Empire wanted full access to all of our players, where as GPS only has access to 2 per age group.  They must go to the board and coach before talking to any players.  They will also offer a juniors program for our youngest players.  House coaches must use the trainers that are provided.  It is now mandatory.  We will have a coaching symposium to meet the GPS trainers- all house coaches must attend. 


House will only be offered on Mon Wed or Fri,  Juniors program on Tue and Thur


Travel : Mr Coyle- Get your rosters in as soon as possible.  Also,  to all coaches,  please get certified .  The club will pay for it and we can all benefit from learning more.  In 2016, if you play in the Thruway league, you must have your D license.  

Jim Blankenship: No passes will be given out until your full team is registered and paid for.  Please collect your payments as a team and then turn in 1 check for full amount.  If parents pay via paypal, please have them give you the receipt.  Just makes it easier for all to do it this way.  Must be all done by April 17th.

Field Setup: Pat Deering- Spruce will be for House and Gratwick Park for Travel.  At Gratwick we will be moving to the far end where lacrosse was.  Set up will be April 25 and 26.  Please sign up and I will contact you. We have a lot to do as our first game is May 1st. 

Mr Deering applied for a grant from NYSW and was awarded  $600 to put towards player retention.  We are putting it towards a booth at the TNT expo. 


Matt: Give me your practice schedules so that I can get your teams in for training.  I am here for you,  please utilize me. 


Adjournment: 9:24

Ann Deering- Club Secretary