Meeting Minutes July 2016

Northtowns Soccer Club

Club Meeting July 17,, 2016

Meeting Called to Order 8:41pm


Members Present: Jim Blankenship, Jim Coyle,  Matt Waddington, Mike Parker


Minutes: accepted as written

Treasures Report: accepted as written


House Report: This season we have had a few bumps in the road,  some unhappy parents, lack of coaching and training not up to par.


House coach from U18 would like all travel players to play house,  not sure this is what house soccer is intended for.


Travel Report: Coaches can request a new ref 2-3 weeks prior to a game if they are anticipating it to be a rough one.  Also, file a game report if you have a bad referee.


Please get Jim your tryout times so we can get it up on the website.


Tournament: September 25th.  Will need helpers and for all younger coaches to sign their teams up.  Good way to see what you have for the season.


We continue to look for sponsorship if anyone knows of any leads , please pass it on. 


Adjournment  9:10