Meeting Minutes January 2014

Meeting Date: 2014-01-09

NORTHTOWNS SOCCER CLUB – January 9, 2014 meeting minutes

Board Members Present: Jim Blankenship, Michael Goodman, Bill Bainbridge 
Meeting Called to Order 8:42pm 

Treasurers Report : Balance $145,865.77-Accepted as Written 

House Report: Mike Goodman- Registration is now open for both sessions. 1st session begins April 27th, 2nd session begins July 15th. We have decided to do away with the raffle tickets. It was more headaches than it was worth. Flyers to the schools are going out in next few weeks and we are putting ads in the metro source newspapers. 

Travel Report: Jim Blankenship- (Mr Coyle was not present) price will be $140.00, up from $120.00. Passes will be the actual cost (around $16.00) . Tell Jim what level you want to be in for summer, must have them by the end of February. They are still figuring out age brackets. Some of the older groups might be grouped together. 

New Business: 

Matt will be offering camps this summer, one for house and one for travel, price will be $50.00 for Northtowns players. Will be held at Gratwick Park from 9-12. 

House practice will be held at Spruce this year, all travel games will be at either Gratwick Hose or Gratwick Park.

Field Setup: the board has decided that each team will pay a team bond. If you come to set up you will get it back. $250.00 per team. There is very little support going on and this needs to change. Everyone must start helping, if you don’t help and attend meetings, you will not be getting your passes.---We will discuss this more at the next meeting and the board will have more info and parameters on this.

Club Logo: we would like to update the logo to a newer fresher look, symbolize that we want the club to move and grow in a new direction. Will still be the Red black and white colors, just a newer and fresher look.

Meeting adjourned : 9:07