Meeting Minutes August 2016

Northtowns Soccer Club

Board Meeting August 2,, 2016

Meeting Called to Order 7:00pm


Members Present: Jim Blankenship, Jim Coyle, Mike Goodman, Matt Waddington, Pat Deering, Jenn Blankenship


House: Jenn- We have had many people request a fall session of house,  We can do this on a smaller scale- no trainers, 6 weeks, Sept 12-Oct 22  U12 and under unless we get enough older kids sign up to make 2 teams.  Will get registration up and running on the website- approved


Travel: Jim- We need to restructure our fees in order to account for the training teams receive year round.  By raising our outdoor fee to $300/ player and requiring this payment be due by Feb 1, it will alleviate that spring time scramble of getting rosters and passes done in time.  We propose that this fee be either paid in full by November 1st , or you can pay ½  November 1st and ½  Feb. 1st.  We would like each team manager to collect these fees and pay with one check,  or the parents can pay online and give their manager a copy of the receipt to turn in.  All players must do the online registration.  These fees are going to be non-refundable. 


We would also like to start restructuring the tryout process.  Have all teams in one place at the same time.  Have an impartial panel score the kids and place them on appropriate teams.  This will need further discussion before next year.


Kickin it at the River Tournament- splitting it with Niagara PAL,  this is a small scale tournament just to learn the process.  Will need many volunteers. 


Adjournment: 8:09

Ann Deering

Club Secretary



Adjournment 9:12

Ann Deering- Club Secretary