Meeting Minutes - April 2014

Northtowns Soccer Club

Meeting April 10, 2014

Board Members Present: Jim Blankenship, Michael Goodman, Mr Coyle

Meeting Called to Order 8:35pm


Treasurers Report : Balance $157,277.02-Accepted as Written

Minutes from last month- Accepted as Written


Thank you to everyone for coming.  It’s nice to see so many people present including House parents/coaches.


House Report: Mike Goodman- Over 250 signed up so far for our new spring outdoor session.  Great showing for our first time running at this time of the year.  All Referee assignments will be done through arbiter.  Uniforms are ordered , should be in next week.  April 26th is the tentative date for uniform pickup here at Gratwick Hose.  We do have 2 dates in the spring schedule that have been switched to Sunday due to scheduling conflicts.   Ready for a great season.


Travel Report: Jim Coyle-  Passes are available if you paid your team bond and have fulfilled your field setup requirement.  A reminder to all coaches and parents,  keep your cool on the sidelines.  Be there to support the children keep your comments /yelling to yourselves. Be patient with the new/younger refs,  they are all still learning.  Mistakes do happen, but at the end of the day,  it is just a game.  All coaches need to sign the coaches pledge online. 


Jim Blankenship- Reschedules need to be turned in at least 8 days in advance,  If you know you will have a conflict, reschedule early.


Matt Waddington-  will be offering camps this summer , one for house ( July 14-18) and one for travel ( July 21-25),  price will be $50.00 for Northtowns players. $75.00 for non Northtowns players.   Will be held at Gratwick Park from 9-12. 

There will be 4-6 different trainers to work with house.  Will be available to work with coaches in the U6-8-10 age groups.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.  Matt will also train each travel team 1 time every other week at Ohio School.  Schedule will be posted online once completed. 


New Business

 House practice will be held at Spruce this year,  all travel games will be at either Gratwick Hose or Gratwick Park.


Team Bond-  the board has decided that each team will pay a team bond.  If you come to set up you will get it back.  $250.00 check/team.  Checks are to be made out to Northtowns Soccer.  We will hold on to the checks, if you fulfill your obligations, you will get your check back at the end of the year. 

Requirements to be fulfilled

            Each team must send 2 representatives to help with field set up and tear down.

            Each travel team is required to have someone from their coaching staff attend at     least 5 meetings per year.

            Each travel team is required to have someone from their coaching staff attend at     least one of Matt’s coaching clinics held each year.


Club Logo:  We have picked a new logo,  We are working on getting merchandise with the new logo.


George Pettapiece is looking for girls for his women’s team.  Would prefer girls over 18 but would use younger girls if interested.  They play on Monday nights and home games will be at Gratwick Park.


Scrip Cards- Kim Goodman : info is on website if you are interested.  It’s a great way to pay for your child’s soccer.


Field Set up - Pat Deering

Setup schedule

 Each Team must supply 2 people to setup fields, does not have to be the coach. They must sign in to get credit. Come with proper attire as fields will be wet. Expect to spend the needed time to finish the location in the area of 4-6 hours. If you are unable to make this date do to a prior commitment contact me as there will be other work that week for net assembly and delivery. It is a requirement for all teams to participate in field setup. Bring any 100ft tape measures you have.

            Saturday  April 12                 rain day April 19

            Ohio School  8:30  2 practice fields

                        Dave Guido  U 12 Reign

                        Jeremy Brauer  U12 Force

                         Joe Sowinski   U10 Fusion

            Spruce school   9:00    6 practice fields

                         Mike Goodman  U 9 Bullets

                         Bob Walter   U 13 Dynamo

                        Glenn Dolata  U 14 Dynamo

                        Jane Wilson   U17 Twisters

                        Phil Bova    U 17 Thunder

            Gratwick Hose   4 Game fields   9:00

                         John Barone  U 12 Destroyers

                        Jim Blankenship U10 Revolution

                        Brian Miranto  U 10 Storm

            Sunday April 13    9:00               rain day April 20

            Gratwwick Park 4 Game fields

                        Lou Dal Porto  U 17 Sonics

                         Jim Blankenship U 16 Lady inferno

                        Glenn Dolata       U18 Arsenal

                        Bridgette Bova   U 18 Nitros

                        George Pettapiece  Womens Panthers


Travel Teams;  make sure everyone is signed up on Teamsnap.   Get your teams registered for summer,  registration must go through the league.  Register on teamsnap and pay via paypal.    This year the fee is $140 for travel ($156 including the player pass)


Meeting adjourned : 9:07pm

Ann Deering- Club Secretary